Video Production in New York City and Boston

Tell Your Story

We’re passionate about telling your story and telling it well. To do that, we have worked hard to put together a team of talented craftsmen to realize your vision fully with no compromise. The perfect combination of visuals, effects, and sound will hit your audience in both the head and the heart and inspire a lasting connection. Let’s find the heart of your story and tell it together.

Core Services


Our expert in-house team of producers, directors, cameramen, editors, and sound designers will sweat the small stuff — and the big stuff — for you and make each stage of the production as painless as possible. We’ll keep track of the details and guide you from the initial idea through pre-production, filming, and post-production. And, we’ll always work as efficiently and creatively as possible to give you powerful and inspiring results.


Nothing can lose a viewer faster than poor sounding, mismatched, or inappropriate audio, no matter how good it looks. In addition to capturing great audio while filming, we also compose original music, develop and source sound effects for a compelling audio soundscapes, and produce stellar narration and voice over. We’ll blend the final audio together with a professional mix and master to ensure the best-sounding results optimized for your final delivery format.


When your project calls for special effects or image manipulation to help deliver a wow factor for your audience, VNeck provides the best CGI and animation to make it happen. Whatever you need to make your big splash, we’ve got you covered: compositing, tracking, plate cleanup, rotoscoping, camera projection, keying, texturing, photo stitching, editing, image manipulation, and more. You’ve seen The Perfect Storm, right? We can even make you a literal big splash.

Other Services We Offer


Having trouble coming up with that BIG idea? VNeck Media is comprised of award-winning specialists within interactive and online media. With an arsenal of creative ideas we’ll work together, with you, to come up with the best approach to tell your brands story to your audience.


VNeck Media provides professional 360 video services that capture surrounding moments for anyone with an internet connection. From planning, production, to deployment. We also handle post production for stitching content gathered from various VR setups.


No middleman here. At Vneck Media our creative teams allow clients to communicate their concepts and ideas directly to the people who will be creating their work.  We know team work and working together to get your message across is our top priority.