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Creative Direction.

With our 17 years of experience working with multinational corporate clients, we ensure trust and confidentiality in all our pitched concepts, as well as taking a client's idea and improving on its core messaging and branding standards.

Project management.

While we have gained the trust of Fortune 500 brands, there is flexibility needed for most start-up businesses. Strengthening areas that need support, managing expectations, and at times full management of an entire campaign. Re-creating a brand's story that sells, or just bringing the puzzle pieces together to create some experiential content. We truly love these challenges, and will go to many lengths to achieve anything. Especially for start-ups. 

Video Production.

Our personable directors and producers can handle all types of projects and crew and gear assembly; delivering video production that checks all expectations. We may be based in NYC and the Boston area, but we have built a network of talent all over the world. Our clients have taken us everywhere from Sydney, Nairobi, Oslo, Riyadh, Prague, Bogota, Moscow, Praia, and Davos. 

And for post-production. Rough cut edits, client revisions, color grading and audio mix/mastering. Achieving expected milestones and deadlines for the final video.

Graphic And Web Design.

Good design is good business. Vneck Media's graphic design department gives our clients creative and professional design solutions to build strong brands that stand out among all the others. Logo and web design, backend development using WordPress, WIX, or Squarespace.

Audio Design.

Vneck Media in-house engineers are capable of everything related to recording, editing, mixing, and mastering audio in order to get a project's audio expectations ready to be released publicly.


Building fully imagined, fully realized, fully aligned messaging into animations that can bring your story to life. Script, design, boardomatics, animation, and sound design.

Vneck Media business structure

We stay flexible, especially when each project has unique facets. We also have experienced quite a bit in the visual arts business. There isn't any problem we are not prepared for since we've experienced the majority of it all.

  • Concepts and ideas
  • Providing Crew, Gear, Location, Permits, COI
  • Post production
  • graphic and web design

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