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Strategic marketing and brand management. Media planning and buying services. Creative campaigns, advertising solutions, and internal/external support for corporate growth videos.

VNECK Media Inc. is a multidisciplinary creative agency rooted in video production, marketing, creative design and media. Our mission is to serve clients that explore innovative ideas that solve our greatest challenges in today’s vastly changing world.  We are brand champions that strategically place your brand in the right place at the right time.



Our primary focus has always been working side-by-side with company key stockholders on video ideas for their advertising.  With our extensive experience we have developed ways to cut costs by efficient production methods. Our video portfolio holds merit when working with major global brands; and our team’s diverse background in union and non union video production has made us the cutting edge video and marketing company we are today.


Strategic Marketing Plans

As a fully integrated agency we are capable of handling an entire brand campaign and provide strategic marketing plans by: research and analysis, digital marketing, experiential marketing, brand identity guide books, content development, social strategy and collateral.


Media Planning and Buying Services

Selecting a mix of media platforms to place ads over a period of time has become an utter necessity when working within the medium of video. Our media strategists and planners conduct and provide research in order to achieve an advertiser’s campaign goals. Placement from every media supplier; including the time frame each placement will run is included in our campaign proposals.Lastly, we secure all approvals for any distribution prior to formalizing an order.


Media Production

With over 15 years of video production with union and non union projects; our experience coming into the marketing realm has given us an edge. From idea conception to pre production planning to film crews and tools, to post production editing, coloring, audio scoring and foley work. Not to mention our illustrators and animators. All working in cohesion to create what was in our client’s head.


Video Services for Corporations

With the surge of video expectations hitting every company on the planet; world facing companies sometimes struggle to meet demand. Our vetted video production and post production teams have been entering the corporate realm, providing video services to ease and sharpen company workflow.