Who We Are?​

Vneck media leadership

Partner / Creative Director​

Jason Margaca

Jason Margaca is the Creative Director for all incoming client projects and leads the creative division. Previously, Jason served as a cinematographer and audio engineer, where he created storytelling for brands through the camera lens, and manifested original audio for commercials and social media ad plays. He regularly worked in businesses in the Boston metro area and has had his share of domestic travel within the United States for business projects.

Prior to making Vneck Media Inc into an S-Corp in 2016, Jason was embedded in audio engineering. Having tracks in various indie movies, creating commercial jingles, video game background music, audio clean up, and ad creation for the U.S. division of Genelec. He has also received several awards including The 2013 New England Emmy Award for magazine category. 

Jason has been the Director of Photography for four seasons of Heart Of Oak, and this upcoming fifth season was promoted to Executive Producer. He also pitches a number of shows to production companies and streaming services.

Jason is a graduate of the University Of Massachusetts, Boston, with a major in Business. He is also a founding member of a DAO company https://www.ideatrek.io and a founder of a new Vneck Media subsidiary, Another Heist - a full creative idea agency. Jason lives in Boston, Massachusetts, and was raised in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

Partner / Strategy​

Bryan Margaca

Bryan Margaca is Executive Producer of Content for Vneck Media, based in New York City. Bryan is responsible for project management, identifying opportunities, raising capital and solving last-minute production situations.  He enjoys cultivating relationships within the creative community among investors, production companies, filmmakers, and content creators.

To date, Bryan has worked for over a decade on a vast spectrum of film sets, including union, broadcast and web commercials, live stream projects, and experiential media. A New England Emmy Award-winning cinematographer; alongside his business partner and brother Jason Margaca.

As Executive Producer of Content, Bryan partners with investors, agencies, and company producers to figure out how to execute all facets of a video or website idea, which he oversees from pitch to development to final launch. In addition to developing content for medium-sized companies and up, Bryan has also supervised the production of several world projects for clients including, the World Economic Forum (Davos 2010 - 2020), Financial Investment Initiative (2018), UN Climate Change Conference (2021), New Year's Eve in Times Square (2014-2018).

Previously, Bryan worked for Vistaprint, LLC (2009). He is a graduate of the University Of Massachusetts, Amherst, with a major in Visual Arts (2001) and a Minor in Film Making (2010 - Boston University). He is also a member of a DAO company https://www.ideatrek.io and a founding member of the EV Moto Club Of NYC. Bryan lives in Manhattan and was raised in Weymouth, Massachusetts.


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